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My name is Amy and I currently live in Washington State.  My husband is in the Airforce and I am a Licenced Massage Practitioner, mom, doTERRA independent product consultant, blogger, crafter and well many other things.  I love to try new things and enjoy learning.  I started this blog through some divine intervention and support from friends.  I love sharing things I have learned and want the world to know about the power of essential oils.  I am NOT a doctor and do not claim that these oils will be a cure all for anything.  I have found that the oils help our body have the tools to heal naturally.  I have seen first hand how we have been able to take my son off all his ADHD meds and how the oils even work better.  He has gone from getting C's and D's to getting A's and B's in a matter of months.  This alone has made me one happy mother and there are many more reasons I want to share with you.  All the info I will be putting on this blog only refers to using doTERRA essential oils as they are the only Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils in the world.  They are safe to use and I LOVE THEM.  So enjoy and I would love to hear your comments and have you share your experiences with doTERRA oils too.

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